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Think For Yourself Metro Advertisements

Advertisements from Metro newspaper that tell its readers to ‘Think for Yourself’ where the campaign message is that the paper provide the facts so that the readers can decide for themselves. Created by advertising agency CLM BBDO.

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World Most Expensive iPhone

The most expensive iPhone (Princess Plus) has a price tag of USD176,400 and is created by Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson. There are 319 diamonds with 138 Princess cut (where the name of the iPhone was derived) and 180 brilliant cut. There is a total of 17.75 carats of diamond set in 18k white gold around its rim. The first customer is a Russian businessman who preordered it in October 2007. A lesser priced iPhone with only the brilliant cut diamonds can be purchased at a more modest price of USD66,150.

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Photorealistic 3D Papercraft

Dutch designer Bert Simons created these amazing 3D photo realistic papercraft out of portraits and sculptures. He even made a paper model of himself and in his website details out the process of how these were modeled and crafted out.

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Lots Of Jelly Fish In The Black Sea

There is a lot of jelly fish in the Black Sea situated south of Russia. Jellyfish are marine invertebrates and most have poisonous stings (The ones in the above are not as there are no predators and they do not develop poison) so do not assume they are not dangerous and swim with them.

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Faith The Dog

Faith is a bipedal female dog that was born with only 3 legs and but her deformed front leg was amputated soon after birth. A dog tale that deserves a standing ovation where she was adopted by Jude Stringfellow and later learn to hop and walk on her two hind legs.

Faith has become a star and her owners have started the With Little Faith Foundation and they travel along with Faith the dog spreading their faith and God’s love to as many as they can.

An earlier post on Hemmy shows a clip of Faith featured on the Montel Show.

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Female Bodybuilders

Female bodybuilders would probably be put off by most people since muscular women are not attractive when they lose their feminine side. I for one would not mind as long as it is moderate and not overdone. Some even went for the extreme bodybuilding, which makes them look like some beefed up chick on a man’s body.

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Source: Sasisa

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