Breathtaking Mountaineering Images

Freelance photographer Ben Herndon snapped these mesmerizing photos while following around extreme climbers and hikers. From beautiful frozen landscapes to climbers dangling from a sheer rock face, his photos are truly unique.

Daily Gifdump

The Visual Beauty of Tornados and Hurricanes

While these powerful storms hurled down by Mother Nature are extremely destructive, they can also be breathtaking. Check out these spinning wind tunnels and brightly lit skies.

MadPals PicDump - Part 199

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

The 50 Most Intricate Sand Sculptures

While many of us played in a sandbox or at the beach as children, I doubt we were able to create detailed sculptures like these. From famous cartoon characters to original art pieces, these impressive sand sculptures will certainly inspire you.

What a freak

A weird looking person, who appears to be from another planet and could be a sign that the world is ending.

Talented Taiwanese Painter Paints San Francisco

Hsin-Yao Tseng is completely in love with the bright lights of San Francisco, which is why all of his amazing paintings feature this iconic city. Check out his handy work first hand.

Disney Facebook News Feed

What if the Disney characters had their own Facebook profiles? Check the answer out in the pics below!

Unspeakable Beauty Of Arabian And Andalusian Horses

Wojtek Kwiatkowski’s majestic photography of Arabian and Andalusian horses takes our breath away. He is an author and a publisher of books about Arabians breeding all over the world.

Completely Hilarious and Failed Signs

Comedians or people with a few bricks short of a load seem to create a lot of public signs. Too bad that some of the signs are from the government and actual businesses.

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