Adorable Baby Recreates Classic Movie Scenes

Rambo: First Blood

American Beauty

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A Daily Dose of Funny Picdumps

Dark And Raw Movie Posters

These actually look like book covers, but they’re not, they are movie posters. Flickr User Traumatron Illustration form UK is the person behind them. He is drawing the movie posters with probably darkness as inspirations.

Demotivators Picdump

The Dramatic Rescue of Elephants from a Muddy Grave

The lives of these two elephants, a baby and its mother, could have ended if workers from South Laungwa Conservation Society didn’t try to help and free the trapped animals.

Funny Animals (part-89)

Somali Fishers

We always hear about piracy in Somalia, but this country is also known for its fishers. The ocean has much fish including sharks. For many Somali families fishing is the only way to live on.

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Counterfeit Goods’ Destruction in China

Counterfeiters, beware! China has started to war on fakes by destroying some of the counterfeit goods in public.

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