Crazy Flip Flops

When summer is in full swing, all flock to the beaches. And what do we need to feel comfortable on the beach? Good mood and beach equipment which among other things includes beach-footwear called “flip flops” or just slippers. Doctors, however, are trying to argue that the flat and unstable slip-on shoe can lead to problems in the locomotor system, but who among us does really gives a rat’s ass about what some punk with a degree in science thinks? Right?


Here you can see how did people from Africa look like back in 60′s and 70′s. Photos were taken from the exhibition of Italian photographer Malick Sidibe.

Five Stars Dog Hotel

Deluxe class hotel for pets “The Barkley” is located in Los Angeles at the “human” Hotel Four Seasons. While owners relax in their rooms in the usual “human” hotel dogs get pampered in all thinkable ways: breakfast in bed, massage, swimming pool,…  What was that about dog’s life, eh?

Lipstick Paintings

These paintings you have before you are made by artist wearing lipstick and kissing the canvas. It is innovative and amazing yes, but how about those blisters?

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