Japanese Girls in Kimono

Cute Japanese girls wearing kimonos.

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Top 7 Horror Destinations

Sometimes the most interesting travel events are those that carry a trace of fear within. Maybe it’s because we love the terrible stories that are told around the campfire at the camp site. If you are among people who love to feel a dose of horror and peek into the darkness sometimes, some of these may be your next destination!

What are u doing there

What are u doing there

Amazing Home Theatre

This amazing home theatre setup was created by a guy from Sweden named John. It features Audiovector AV3Ci Avantgarde, Audiovector S3 Avantgarde, Euroscreen Frame Vision Light VLS190-W 16:9 86 “(190×107), Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K800 (S), NAD 32A2 , Philips Prestigo SRT9320, Primare CD31, Primare SPA22.

WTF Sign Selection

This is a new collection of WTF sings that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes odd and bizarre, and sometimes just stupid and brainless.

Cloud Collector

An outstanding series by the German photographer RĂ¼diger Nehmzow entitled “Cloud Collection” with shots from the sky with different clouds compositions.

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Amazing Pool in Texas

This place is probably the most beautiful in Texas. It’s Hamilton Pool that was created thanks to the collapse of the underground river’s dome because of erosion thousands of years ago.

Funny Animals - Part - 93

Treasures of The Trevi Fountain

From time to time the municipality of Rome cleans the famous Trevi Fountain and gathers coins thrown by tourists “for luck.” This procedure is performed under the supervision of Carabinieri who count all coins.

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Mother Garners ‘Woman of the Year’ Award

Click through to see why this woman won the honor of Woman of the Year.

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