Incredible Motorcycles

Here are some of the wackiest and coolest motorcycle designs out there! Enjoy!

MadPals PicDump - Part 240

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Fake McDonald’s Around the World

If it was in the Western World, McDonald’s would sue any company that dared use its famous Golden Arches logo in their name. But in Asian countries and in the Middle East, people are more than willing to rip off the easily identifiable logo to make some bucks.

What is Your Judgment?

What is your judgment?....funny!....stupidity.....talented.....highly technical.... jocular....

Teddy Bear Made Out of a Sock

In case you have lost one of your socks, don’t worry. It’s right after the jump.

The Worst Photoshop Disasters

The average Photoshop user can be excused for making mistakes when trying to Photoshop an image, but commercial organizations with experienced users cannot. See another installment of the most embarrassing Photoshop blunders.
BikeTart: Disaster At Hand

The design of Pugsley’s new bike didn’t allow for placement of a kickstand, so Fester suggested he take Thing along as a workaround.

Incredible “Blue Hour” Pictures from Around the World

All these stunning pictures were taken during the “blue hour” or twilight. These magical moments that occur minutes before sunrise or right after the sun has set look incredible.
Dresden, Germany

Compromising Basketball Moments

Professional basketball players know that photos are constantly being taken of them as they play, but they hope that ones like this are rarely captured. See these pros caught in compromising situations.
Double teaming?

Awesome Chocolate Packaging Designs

Awesome Chocolate Packaging Designs

Funny Animals - Part - 135

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