Unique Stewardess Uniforms

Some people like to travel on the plane because of beautiful stewardesses. Beautiful girls in cute outfits are there to tend to your every need. However, some people are simply into uniforms. Each airline company has a different uniform for these gorgeous flight attendants. Here are some of the most unique.

MadPals PicDump - Part 223

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10 Most Polluted Cities in the World

Just the other day a 7 billionth man is born on this planet. Our planet is more and more crowded by the day what can become a really big problem, because with the population increased the pollution of the Earth is bigger. Pollution and garbage are the biggest city problems today. Ten most polluted cities are  next.

He Is Good at Photobombing

Ken Jeonga is good at photobombing famous people such as Kate Upton. GQ proves it as well as shows its good sense of humor.

Outdoor Advertising You’ll Never Forget

Global brands have the deep pockets to hire the most creative and innovative advertising minds. These incredible outside advertising examples illustrate how powerful the imagination can be.
Hot Wheels die cast cars and trucks ad

Bizarre India

Anything for an auspicious flight

Anything is possible in India. And even if something can't be, Indians are quite capable of making  it happen - by all means. 

I Don’t Need It…But I Really Want It

Many people want things they don’t need, but that never stopped them.Here is a big compilation of some useless stuff and useless stuff that is absolutely awesome and when you see it, you just want to have it, no matter what.

The End of the Party

See why it is dangerous to get drunk with your friends, but only when you black out.

Daily Gifdump

Pimped Out School Buses in Japan

Japanese kids are lucky to ride such cute customized school buses.
Kitty cat bus

Funny Animals - Part - 119

Can You Figure Out What This Tool Is?

Demotivators Picdump

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