Back to the Childhood

These adults are photographed in an artistic way with at least one item from many of their childhoods, such as different toys. Those were the days.

How Hyundai Automakers Test Their Cars

Easy. They just needed a bunch of baboons.
Hyundai automakers decided to test out the durability of their newest hatchback by setting 40 baboons loose on it. The car miraculously escaped with only a few scratches and teeth marks.

Crazy Benches Installed in Belgium

Relax – these twisted benches in De Haan Wenduine, Belgium, are not the insane innovation implemented by the municipal authorities. Danish artist Jeppe Hein created the “Modified Social Benches” as the project for the recent contemporary art event.

Signs with No Purpose

I just don’t get why some people bothered to make these public signs which tell absolutely obvious things.

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