Invention-Land, Perhaps The Best Offices To Work In?

Invention-land is America’s largest invention factory, turns out 2,000-2,400 new inventions each year with a license being secured with a corporation every three business days. And their offices are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Perhaps the best offices to work In?

Super Hungry Pig

How is it possible?

Icy Miracle

A short instruction on how to freeze a bubble.

Incredibly Beautiful Landscapes

These photos of landscapes will blow your mind. They are amazingly beautiful. They were taken by various photographers in places all over the world.

Innovative Designs For Wall Hooks

These are some very creative, useful, and innovative wall hook designs. They can be used to hang up practically anything.

How to Make a Zombie

This is the step by step procedure that the actors in the Movie “The Walking Dead” go through. The transformation is quite amazing.

Intense Chinese Army Workouts

In the Chinese Army they put all of their newest recruits through the wringer to toughen them up. From two finger push ups to handstands these young men have to push themselves to the limit.

Basic push ups

Amazing Knitting

Somebody is taking knitting to the extreme. However knitted these things had a lot of yarn. They are truly unique knitted items.

Video Games: The Past And The Present

New computer technologies are emerging almost every day and thus are video games also changing from year to year. This compilation is about games of the past and games of the present. The difference is not questionable, don’t you think?

Completely Disastrous Transportation Attempt

Always be careful on the road.

A truck hauling a tractor scoop was sailing down a Canadian highway when a bridge came into view. The driver did not realize that his tall cargo would not fit under the bridge causing the scoop to rip the bridge off and topple it over onto the truck. Amazingly, the tractor was not knocked over.

Some people have all the luck while others can only find failure.

Cats Can See Stuffs We Cant

Man, those cats can see stuffs we can’t. Enjoy images below:

MadPals PicDump - Part 175

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Daily Gifdump

Control Your Laugh

What an idea to suicide!

Funny Animals - Part - 75

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

Demotivators Picdump

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