The Luxuriant Indian “Maharaja Express” Train

Definitely the most luxurious train in India, and quite possibly the world, the Maharaja Express boasts a beautiful interior design, running water, toilet and shower with a tub in each compartment. See inside this truly stunning architectural masterpiece.

Children’s Drawings Become Stuffed Toys

An ingenious idea has brought kid’s drawings to life by turning them into stuffed toys that look exactly like what is on paper.

Luxurious Vacation in the Himalayas

Shakti 360 Leti is a stunning place located deep within the Indian Himalayas. It consists of four luxury cabins at 8,000 feet (2200 meters). It is the perfect place for relaxation and full isolation. To get here, you need to drive for 3.5 hours through some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and then walk for 1.5 hours through amazing scenery. The luxury lodge is located close to where Nepal, Tibet and India meet.

10 Fascinating Factoids About People & Their Countries

Check out these interesting tidbits that you probably never knew about some countries and people from around the globe.

Amazing Tilt-Shift Photography

This is some rather amazing tilt shift photography. Everything looks tiny, a bit odd and far away. If you look long enough they will make you kind of dizzy. I love it.

JUGAAD .. ;-))

Aaaj Kal – Jugaad Zaroori Hain

HERE's the JUGAAD......

Unfortunate Wedding Day Snafu

You definitely don’t want anything going wrong on your day of celebration, but see how this wedding party had a hiccup on that special day.

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

MadPals PicDump - Part 146


Funny but predictable.

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