6 Incredible Prison Smuggling Stories

When you need something to be delivered to you inside prison walls you have to be creative how you will get it in. The people on our list were extremely creative when they were trying to smuggle things in prison. Some of these stories sound hard to believe. Check them out!

MadPals PicDump - Part 268

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Exotic Dancers of the Late XIX Century

Although the first striptease in its present form was performed in Paris, the United States soon were ahead. While in France the most popular kind of dance were can-can and burlesque, in USA all the kinds of exotic dance was developing: belly dance, dance on the table (the prototype of striptese) and other original performances. 

Apun ka India !! FRESH ONES

Apun ka India !! FRESH ONES

Eye-Catching Photo Ads

Photographer Sean Dufrene uses his camera skills to create compelling images for ad campaigns. Check out his interesting juxtapositions in these original photo ads.

Funny Hats

Once a required part of the wardrobe, the classic (female) hat slowly and uncertainly up losing battle with time. There was a time when not wearing a hat was considered rude and uncivilized, also there was time when slaves in ancient Greece were prohibited from covering their heads because that was the privilege of the rich. 

You Won’t Believe These Are Cakes

With all of the cake making shows on TV, it’s no wonder people are having all types of interesting cakes made for themselves. However, these unique cakes literally “take the cake.”

Funny Animals - Part - 151

Unique Cabins In the Woods

While some of these structures are much larger than a cabin, most of them are tucked away in the woods, far away from modern life. Some of these houses were built in unique locations and many have original designs worth checking out.

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