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10 Cozy Floor Pillows

Sometimes you simply need that cozy pillow to rest your head. These floor pillows are more than cozy and they come in all kinds of awesome shapes and sizes. After taking a look at this list you will most certainly want one of them.

1. Rock Pillows

These might look uncomfortable but these pillows that look like rocks are soft and comfortable.


Another great post with several hilarious photobombs. Have fun.

Animals Trying to Be Human

These animals look as if they want to join the human race, but we’re not fooled. See what some animals will do to fit in with us bipeds.

It Takes All Kinds

Without the people in this post the world would be a dull place, but who knows how they were able to survive.

Astonishing Infinity Pools

The collection of unforgettable views from the spectacular zero-edge pools.


Funny Way to Protect

The law oblige us to wear helmets while driving a motorcycle, but luckily for us it doesn’t say precisely what kind of helmet we must wear. There are people that always find something funny in every ban and restriction, so, since we must wear them – make them unusual, even weird but still funny. Well, this is for helmet law…

Giant Whale Shark Caught in Pakistan

This giant 36-foot (11 m) long whale shark was later sold for $19,000.

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