Cool Pictures Of Reflections In The Water

Water reflections. It was easy for Narcissus to fall in love with such beauty when he was standing above all that water. Water is like the mirror who can play with you.

MadPals PicDump - Part 204

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Awesome Way to Turn on a Lamp

Designers created an incredible secret passageway kit perfect for turning on and off a lamp and any other electrical device.

This kit can be placed on a bookshelf. It uses books without damaging them.

Hilarious Examples Of Engrish Gone ‘rong

In tribute to Japan and the recent trials they are still experiencing- You know, that whole Godzilla destroying their country thing – Here is a visual tribute to the ineptitude of the translation skills of the land of the rising sun and other Asian countries!

Hotels with Stunning Panoramic Views

A selection of luxury hotels with beautiful and breathtaking views. These places are perfect for a dreamy vacation and memorable holidays.

Dear Salary, Why are you not growing?

Dear Salary, Why are you not growing? 

Incredibly Elaborate Non-Photoshopped Scenes

Before computers made photo manipulation a relative breeze, Sandy Skoglund created amazingly detailed studio sets.

25 Transporting Fails

These people are transporting it wrong. Here are 25 road accidents waiting to happen. In a way I’m quite envious of the car full of llamas, imagine rolling up to some hotties with your car full of llamas, you could be knee deep in clung as long none of the girls got covered in llama spit. These are best 25 transporting fails.

15 Coolest Converse Snickers Designs

Converse has been making fashion and sports shoes since the beginning of the 20th century. Almost everyone has at least one pair of converse shoes.

Funny Animals - Part - 100

Thailand's Beautiful Soap Flowers

Thailand's Beautiful Soap Flowers. 

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Demotivators Picdump

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