How About a Mud Bath?

Amusing pictures of competing teams getting into mud pits at the funny obstacle course that took place in the end of March at Irvin Lake, California.

MadPals PicDump - Part 340

A Daily Dose of Funny and Amazing PicDump

How Powerful Companies Got Their Names

Every company name has a story behind it and here are some of the largest companies and the origin of their brand names.

Guys Doomed to the Friend Zone

There are many people that unfortunately inhabit the brutal friend zone, and these images show you who they are.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Bizarre India

Bizarre India
Anything is possible in India. And even if something can't be, Indians are quite capable of making it happen - by all means.
 These funny and bizarre pics would truly show you the Real Face of India. Proud to be an Indian!!!

Awesome Inflatable Water Parks

These cool water parks produced by the German company Wibit are the real water playgrounds that take only three hours to deploy. Their key feature is the modular design – the costumer is able to create his own combination of modules for maximum entertainment.

Photoshop Trolls are Back

If your Photoshop skills are so poor that you turn to some random guys from the Internet to get help with editing your pictures, then get ready to be low-down spoofed.

Terrifying Lightning Strikes over Albuquerque

Megavolt electric charges are flashing in the sky during the storm over Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Daily Gifdump

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