23-year-old Man Died Playing World of Warcraft

23-year-old man from Taiwan died after 23 hours of straight World of Warcraft game on Tuesday in New Taipei. He fell on the table to sleep for several times, but woke up again to continue playing the game.

MadPals PicDump - Part 277

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So Damn Lazy

These pics show how laziness can be taken to a whole new deplorable level.

Creative Advertisements You Should Definitively See

The Ad should attract the attention of viewer. It should have a in depth special meaning which convey the outline of business. Vodafone Zoozoo ads are of such kind, it got attention of whole world. They are just amazing without featuring any Hollywood actor or Football players.

Waooo Caution Signs

What these signs are made for ? absolutely Yes it’s to make your day more happier. Have a look as follows that how funny caution signs look like.

Photos of Jennifer Aniston’s New Mansion

Jennifer Aniston undoubtedly has an exquisite taste in dresses and hairstyles. Still, the pictures of her new $21 million mansion in Los Angeles prove that the taste seldom fails Jennifer even when it comes to real estate. This luxurious place planned by modernist architect Quincy Jones spreads across seven acres of land and incorporates a guest house, swimming pool and a private vineyard.

Creative Couple Exchanges Funny "Impressions"

These two know for sure how to cheer themselves up. Take a look at the photos they send to each other.

145 Water-skiers set a new World Record

Dozens of 145 have set a new world record after 145 people were pulled behind a single boat. Some 154 skiers from around the world gathered in Macquarie Harbour in Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania for the record attempt.

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