World’s youngest doctor

Selvi Bakkiashree can already recite the names of 1,000 medicine brands including betamethosone, ethambutol and filgrastrim – at the age of seven.
She can also prescribe the correct medicine for ailments such as pneumonia, leukaemia and dengue. Now Selvi hopes to put her photographic memory to use by becoming a young doctor – just like teenager Doogie Howser in the TV comedy series.
The girl’s medical talents first came to light at the age of six when she began reading medical books for fun during a visit to her aunt.
She now spends four hours a day learning the names of medicines
‘It gives me a lot of pleasure to know them perfectly,‘ she said. Doctors including India’s director of health questioned Selvi’s medical knowledge and were stunned.
‘If she succeeds, she would be the youngest doctor in the world,’ added the watchmaker from Ariyankuppam in Pondicherry, southern India

Fabergé eggs

A Fabergé egg is any one of the thousands of jeweled eggs made by the House of Fabergé from 1885 through 1917. The majority of these were miniature ones that were popular gifts at Eastertide. They would be worn on a neck chain either singly or in groups.
The most famous eggs produced by the House were the larger ones made for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia. Of the 50 made, 42 have survived.A further two eggs were planned but not delivered, the Constellation and Karelian Birch eggs for 1918.
Seven large eggs were made for the Kelch family of Moscow.
The eggs are made of precious metals or hard stones decorated with combinations of enamel and gem stones. The term "Fabergé egg" has become a synonym of luxury and the eggs are regarded as masterpieces of the jeweller's art. The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs are regarded as the last great series of commissions for objets d'art.

lovely pugs

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Montreal Gardens Topiary Supreme

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tera sath hai to

I Just Woke Up, Don’t Talk to Me

Hello, world! Or better, not hello! Hello, nobody! I am very cranky! I just woke up – don’t talk to me! I want to sleep mooooooooooooore! Bye!!!!!

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