National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

MadPals PicDump - Part 200

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Building Demolition

Cool T shirts

Crashed Ferrari Table

Charly Molinelli of Molinelli Designs created an awesome crashed Ferrari table using a totaled Ferrari and a coffee table.

How To Save The World

Annual Red Crab Migration

At the beginning of the wet season (usually October / November), most adult red crabs suddenly begin a spectacular migration from the forest to the coast to breed. Breeding is usually synchronized island-wide. The rains provide moist overcast conditions for crabs to make their long and difficult journey to the sea.

You are Doing it Wrong

A selection of funny 'You are Doing it Wrong' demotivational posters.

Pallasite Meteorite From Xinjiang Province

Pallasites make up fewer than 1% of meteorites which land on Earth, and they are universally regarded as the most beautiful meteorites around, as their iron-nickel rich base is filled with olivine crystals. These meteorites are thought to be the remnants of forming planets. This particular one weights 25 kilos.

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