The Coolest Dental Office on The Planet

It is no exaggeration to dub this dentist’s office as the most awesome, considering its incredible d├ęcor. The entire office is like being transported back to the 50s, with old school cars, retro furniture and recreated gas station architecture. You might even forget about your cavity and instead focus on the hip scene.

Awesome Airplane With Cozy Beds

If you are going to fly thousands of miles why not be extremely comfortable by laying down on one of these mattresses? These amazing set ups allow for passengers to sleep soundly and not have to crowd anyone.

Brilliant Cargo Container Structures

For as little as nine hundred dollars you can buy your very own cargo container and turn it into a living space, just as these ingenious architects have done. From houses and apartments to stores and offices these hollow metal containers are being superbly recycled and reused.

A Life Of Levitation

Natsumi Hayashi loves to levitate. Always equipped with her Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Natsumi photographs herself floating around Tokyo. To achieve the look of levitation it’s crucial that you don’t appear to be jumping. That means a controlled facial expression and lack of movement (i.e., hair and body flailing about). It should look like a moment frozen in time, not mid-jump.

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