The Gadgets of 2000 vs. Today

Let’s take a look at how common gadgets from 2000 stack up to today’s gadgets in this informative comparison chart.

MadPals PicDump - Part 320

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Driver Drove Her Car Into the Ocean

The woman lost consciousness behind the wheel and drove her car into the ocean.

“First Day on the Internet Kid” Meme

We see such newbies at large each day when we surf the web.

The Invisible Man Liu Bolin. Hiding in New York

What a Crappy Day

These people’s days are likely not going to get much worse.

Once Chubby, Now Thin

You won’t believe these before and after pictures of these women, especially considering how hot they look after being so out of shape.


That’s Why You Shouldn’t Ride a Bus

These pictures taken in the buses prove that all sorts of the weirdest things may happen in this means of public transport.

Orphans That Found Homes

These boys and girls spent time in orphanages but thankfully ended up in loving homes with a good future.

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