Beautiful Women. (65 pics)

Here we've got even more photos of beautiful women.

MadPals PicDump - Part 183

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Unforgettable Bahamas Vacation

Only imagine this. You have paid a lot of money for your Bahamas vacation. You have counted the days till you are in heaven. You are finally on the Bahamas beach… And here they come!

What Parents Have to Look Forward to

Unfortunately, our bundles of joy end up growing up to be little rascals who like to get in all kinds of trouble. It’s best to keep them within sight and a bunch of napkins handy.

Cute Baby Hippo

Photos of a cute baby hippopotamus and his mother. This baby was born at Berlin’s Zoo.

Entertainingly Depressing Photos

While these images are not heartbreaking they will definitely make you a bit sad, especially the one with “The Situation.” However, there are plenty of adorable animal pictures too. Sorry I just made you cry.

Plastic surgery:

Houses with a Dangerous View

I wouldn’t want to live in one of these houses… People who live at the top of the cliff at Porthkerry in South Wales probably don’t like their new view. Their mobile houses were caught in a landslide, and they are now dangling over a 200ft drop. Luckily, only 1 caravan out of 15 was occupied during the catastrophe. The woman living in it was rescued and is safe now.

Daily Gifdump

Beautiful White Sand Dunes in Brazil

This place known as Lencois Maranhenses National Park is magical. It’s one of the most popular natural attractions in Brazil. It is formed of white sand dunes covering 383,000 acres and it reminds of bedsheets spread out on the coast. It is extremely beautiful here.

Funny Animals - Part - 82

Welcome to the “Hotel California”

Everyone knows this song by The Eagles. But have you ever dreamt to visit the legendary Hotel California in reality?

Cool Retro IT Photos

These old photos should bring back your memories…

The Narrowest House in the World?

Architect Kota Mizuishi created this very narrow triangular house in Horinouchi Japan. A husband and wife and their one child live in this truly unique house that actually has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playroom and a guest space. The house is valued at around $200k.

Insanely Complicated Braid Styles

Seeing these bizarre and intricate braid styles will either inspire you or make you want to have a short hairstyle.

Demotivators Picdump

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

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