Beauty Contest for Disabled Women

The Cambodian authorities have banned the beauty contest “Miss Landmine” which took place in Angola last year. Women, victims of landmines, had to participate in this contest. The winner was to receive high quality prosthesis to replace the missing member. Despite the ban, the competition will take place on the internet. And we have the opportunity to see the candidates.

Do You Belive That This is Paper?

Wonderful paper craft art installation in Tokyo by Wataru Itou. He is a student of a major art and he did a great job. The whole installation is made of paper. There is even a moving train. Amazing. Hope you like it!

Amazing Oasis in the Desert

Lencois Maranhenses National Park  is located in northeastern Brazil in the state of Maranhao. The park was created on June 2, 1981. It was featured in the Brazilian film The House of Sand.

Unbelievable Photos

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