Who Would Mind if This Cop Stops Him

Most of people, especially men, cowers at the thought of being stopped by police. But, have you been thinking about being stopped by a police(wo)men like this? I guess you definitely wouldn’t mind, but the only side effect of this would be the growing of the violation rate in order to meet this hot and beautiful women police officers.

MadPals PicDump - Part 249

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Protection at Work – Failed

In modern world, things like worker’s protection are a duty of each employer. It is their obligation to protect their workers from accidents, but what you’re about to see shows that this isn’t always so.

Inventions We Could Use or… Could We?

Funny inventions or stupid or  smart inventions? It is always easier to put our selves in the position where we can laugh and criticize someones work. We can all be Nikola Tesla, if we want to.

WTF Signs

Sea Bandits

The shark is a fish of slender body, pointed head, with free pectoral fins and unequal caudal fin. Length from 1m to 20m they have five external gills, and several rows of pointed teeth.

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Golden Fireflies

These long-exposure photos of fireflies are incredible.

Demotivators Picdump

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