New Powerful 9/11 Commemoration Images

Yesterday marked the ten-year anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, with many remembrances across the country. In the following images you can see back to the tragic day and how the country decided to commemorate the day and remember the more than 3,000 victims.

However, this first satellite image shows what the area looked like the day after the tragedy.

The 9/11 tribute lights were turned on in remembrance of the victims of the event. These eighty-eight 7,000 watt bulbs can bee seen from up to sixty miles away.


A Flickr user took images from 9/11 and plugged them into present day pictures of the same scenes. His “Looking Into The Past” photos show the contrast between present day and ten years ago.

The eight acre 9/11 memorial opened yesterday, with many of the people who lost family members being the first to have access. The memorial has two large waterfalls and reflecting pools, with the victims names etched into the bronze panels along the edge of the pools.

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