Sweet Girls Looking Out Windows

Sweet Girls Looking Out Windows

The Last Meals Project

Death row inmates are allowed anything that they want for their last meal as long as it can be prepared locally and doesn’t cost more than $40. Selecting a last meal is considered a significant ritual since the validity and accuracy of the inmate’s selection is the only answer that can be accepted.

Incredible Alien Abduction Stories

Do you believe in aliens? If not this article will assure you that there are other forms of life out there. Many, who have seen the famous TV series the X-files, probably like those kinds of stories. Others might be interested in reading how some people got abducted simply out of curiosity. In any case these are some pretty interesting stories about people who had the encounter with extraterrestrial forms of life. Take a look!

1. The First Widely Reported Abduction in the US

Top 5 Women Raking it in at the Poker Tables

Poker may still largely be a male-dominated game but more and more women are striking it rich on the professional poker circuit, including big wins at UK casino tournaments as well as at World Series of Poker events in the US. Top female poker players such as the five listed below have won millions at tournaments and are turning the tables on many male pros despite the fact that women only account for 5-10% of the field in most events.

This Is Where the Money Is Made

While money does not grow on trees it is spit out of huge machines deep inside the fortress that is the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. See these detailed photos of how legal tender is made, and what $6.4 million in twenties looks like.


Pets are Whispering

Yes, they obviously know to talk. And also to whisper. Did you ever catch your lovely pet whispering with other pets? If not, you can see it right here.

Immoral Scumbag Commits Heinous Act

The more I know certain immoral people, the more I realize how much I prefer dogs. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. See how cruel some people can be.

The Collapse of the Giant

This huge redwood fell in the national park.

The huge redwood fell in the famous California’s national park last Friday. Just think of it! Generations succeeded by generations. Some states collapsed and others were formed. Monarchs reigned for centuries. The world wars started and ended. Epidemic diseases covered half the globe. The mankind invented gunpowder, gasoline engine, nuclear power plants, flights to the moon, flu shots and cheeseburgers…
As for the long-lived giants, they continue to watch how one era is replaced by another one.

Abandoned Retro Car Museum in Japan

And there are still many abandoned retro cars.

South African Gangsters

Street gangs first appeared in South Africa during the apartheid regime in the 1950s, after the so-called “colored community” was relocated to racially designated sections. Many residents felt there was a limited police presence in their communities so they organized themselves into gangs who obtained payment for protecting others.

Random Funny Pictures

Visual Proof That the Internet Knows the Truth

If you were ever wondering about certain rumors and general assumptions then you should check out these hilarious photos, images and graphics.

Hilarious and Puzzling ShitBrix Memes

You have to look very carefully at these pictures in order to figure them out, but once you do you might just shit bricks or bust a gut.

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The Most Important Questions We Have For Women

The Most Important Questions We Have For Women

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