This Is How Asians Pose

Did you know there is a whole treasure trove of different ways Asian girls pose in photos? See visual proof of the varied poses struck by cute models.

MadPals PicDump - Part 264

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If iPhones Could Talk

What would iPhones say to their owners if they could talk? Designer Nico Ordozgoiti knows the answer.

What Google Employees Eat

Let’s tour Google cafeteria to see its menu for the company’s workers.

Public Signs: WTF?

You don’t have to be very attentive to notice such weird and WTF signs as they stand out a mile.

Maruti all set to launch All-New Swift DZire

After the success of the new Swift, Maruti Suzuki is all set to rejig the sedan segment with a brand new Swift DZire. Several innovations have made the new DZire lighter, quieter and nimble; the petrol variant delivers an enhanced fuel efficiency of 19.1 km per litre and the diesel variant promises improved fuel efficiency of 23.4 km per litre.

Cubicle decoration day celebration-Awesome

Cubicle decoration competition organized in  Bengaluru Infosys 

Cubicle decoration day celebration the winner 


Adorable Penguin Gifs

This is a selection of cute penguin animated gifs found on the internet. You will like them.

Daily Gifdump

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