Awesome Monocycle Skills

Living With Gorilla

Pierre and Elaine Thivillon, who own a zoo near Lyon, have looked after their ‘little one’ since Digit was abandoned as a baby. The Thivillons, who live just next door to Digit’s cage, took in the 120kg gorilla when her biological mother refused to breast-feed her.

Lombard Street – Crookedest Street In The World

Lombard’s crooked street is a postcard-perfect image that represents San Francisco around the world. But what exactly is this attraction and what does it have to offer the San Francisco visitor? Some of San Francisco’s most expensive real estate sits on Lombard Street. 

Photos You Don't See Every Day from Animal Kingdom

It’s great when photographs manage to make such great shots. Have a look and see of you don’t agree.

What Life Is Explained Simply

There is only one life, so seize the day.

The Highest Insured Celebrity Body Parts in History

If you thought celebrities didn’t insure their most prized possessions, their body parts, then check out this amazing list. These famous entertainers have taken insurance policies out on just about every body part imaginable.

Merv Hugles, cricket player
$317,000 Mustache

Lucky Fishing Day

Reinhard Wuhrmann, a retired policeman, had no idea that his fishing trip would be such a triumph. He was incredibly lucky that day. He caught a giant halibut!

Subway Ad Prints in France

To improve people’s behavior in the subway, French advertisers came up with these posters.

The Most Hilarious “Come at Me, Bro!” Memes

Ever since Ronnie of The Jersey Shore said those infamous words the Internet has gone bonkers with many funny memes.

Unbelievably Stupid Facebook Responses to Steve Jobs' Death

Some people will always be confused about life, as these idiotic and ignorant reactions to the passing of the great Steve Jobs prove.

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