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Events in pictures :: sub continent

A donkey transports supplies for polling stations in villages unreachable by vehicles in the Panjshir province, north of Kabul.

Indian labourers and their children rest at the construction site of a hockey-training stadium.

An elephant crosses a railway track, which runs through the Mahananda Wildlife sanctuary in west Bengal.

Newly trained female officers of the Afghan National Army take front seats at a training center in Kabul as a new batch of officers attend their graduation ceremony.

Afghan women line up to cast their vote outside a polling station in Kabul .

A Bangladeshi artist works on a clay idol of the Hindu Goddess Durga during preparation for the upcoming Hindu festival of Durga Puja in Old Dhaka.

Riot policemen block a street leading to the US embassy as activists of the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) march during an anti-US protest rally in Islamabad following the sentencing of Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui to 86 years in prison for trying to shoot US officers.

A sadhu, or Hindu holy man, prays after a dip in the River Ganges in Allahabad , India .

Passengers of Pakistan International Airlines PIA Flight 872, exit upon arrival in Karachi .

A Sri Lankan child waits for customers for his sugar cane to feed elephants at the elephant sanctuary in Udawalawe.

A boy runs with a kite on his back in Kabul .

A butcher boy sleeps in his closed shop in Dhaka .

Baban, six, displaced by flooding drinks tea outside his family tent while taking refuge with his family at a relief camp for flood victims in Sukkur.


Amazing Ganeshji Murti (50 Gnaeshji Murtis in 1)

The Other Side Of CWG, Delhi ( An Eye Opener )

Lets keep the criticism of mismanagement and corruption aside,  have a look at the marvellouus infrastructure built for the CWG games .... The whole scenario of CWG needs a relook!!! Circulate it as much as possible to showcase India properly!!! Those who talk about pictures of  2 dirty toilets (Western media propaganda) must be snubbed!!! Even Manchestor games had problems and Indian Contingent was made to stay at UNiversity Hostel...... We didnot have guts to raise our voice then nor did the western media speak about it. Those who donot want to compete , let them stay at home, we donot give a damn!!!   

  A lot has been written and said in both the national and international media, against the CWG hosted by India.
 But a picture speaks more than a thousand words, ain't it?
Here are some images on the Commonwealth games, which will prove what India has done and it can do:

Now Let us see the other side of the story of CWG

These are REAL Pictures and not architectural drawings.

The Stadiums are not only good but World Class. 

CWG Stadiums, Delhi , India

 India JAI Ho

 Enough of critisizm, lets appriciate what they have been able to bring about. It may not be all that bad after all.

If you want to kill a tree, don’t cut it, just curse it! The same seems to be happening with CWG.

Friends, successful completion of CWG is a must for INDIA’s image….there has been so much negative publicity about it….let’s support the games now, and for sure it doesn’t mean that we support the corruption involved with it!!!!

 let’s spread positive vibes about CWG..let’s spread this message!.

Now that we know, that India is going to host one of the finest games on Earth, let us not sit back and instead come out in support of it, but of course not for the corruption in it, Smiley

Now stop staring, and forward it every Indian you know, to increase his self confidence, and to every foreign national to shut their mouth.

let’s spread positive vibes about CWG..let’s spread this message 
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