Surreal Photoshopped Imagery

There is no way to create these explosive images other than utilizing the famous image editing software. The powerful color combinations, movement and realistic feel to many of these images will have you wanting to master this fun program. Many of these images are mind bending, but the ones with the chubby little girl and the big rat are plain weird.

Dog Surfer Championship

4th and 5th of June Imperial Beach near San Diego hosted the 6th annual championship of dog surfers “Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition”, which brought together the best dog surfers in California. Each dog had ten minutes to catch two of the big waves. Final score was evaluated on confidence of competitors, the time that they were able to hold on to the board and general appearance.

Summer Tattoos

No better way to cherrish a memory of that perfect vacation you enjoyed so much then to carry a piece of tropical paradise with you, literally, on your skin

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