Jealous Wives vs. Busty Italian Barmaid

Barmaid Laura Maggi invented an effective way to attract customers to her bar called “Le Cafe” in the Italian town of Bagnolo Mella. When she started to come to work in the outfits that leave little to imagination, male costumers instantly crowded the place, double parking all along the adjacent streets.

MadPals PicDump - Part 298

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Ancient Accidents

Curious historical photos show what the transport wrecks looked like about a hundred years ago.

Only in India.

How to Illuminate a Village If the Sunrays Don't Reach It?

Viganella is a remote Italian village located at the bottom of the steep Alpine alley near the Swiss border. Each year in winter sun rays cease reaching Viganella, as they get blocked by mountains.

College Fun with No Restraints

These pictures perfectly sum up college life.

A 20th Century Fashion Vision from 1893

In an 1893 Strand Magazine article artists created sketches of how they imagined clothing styles would be in the 20th Century. Despite their incorrect conceptualizations they did manage to create a lot of cool hats.

Masters of Photoshop

They create their ridiculous masterpieces using all the might of Photoshop and MS Paint.

Lesser-Known Pepsi Flavors

Due to the intense battle between the two soda behemoths Pepsi and Coke there have been some strange flavors to come out over the years. However, Pepsi takes the cake with the following discontinued, albeit really entertaining and out of this world flavors.

Ice Cream (Russia)

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