Strangest creature found on Earth

I don’t think these photos requires any special comment. These are fantastic world news worthy of headlining any newspaper around the world. This creature, was found on Thailand, its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mastery around it . The photographer has captured with his camera a truly unique and amazing moment, and got himself a fantastic photographs that make up a great story.
As all good mysteries it happens in far away from the technology wonders of the modern society in Thailand. You can see a lot of local folks in the background of these photos that seem to worship this creature they have “found”. The end result is an even more absurd and even humorous scene. They managed to get me even more amazed by this baby powder and juices they brought as a tribute to this creature. They have even brought a fan to keep it well preserved for the scientists.

Lets turn to the main subject, or should I say object, of this photo series the fantastically colored and shaped body of the creature. There has been a lot of debates about what this creature might be and that is exactly the beauty of mystery, the inability to solve it.  It might be some kind of strange animal, it even looks like a mythical creature. Honestly I don’t know what to think about this  event. These photographs do raise more questions than answers…

Innovative Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers footwear is a product of innovative design, precision engineering, and meticulous manufacturing. They've combined premium quality materials with the proven technology of Vibram soles to create alternative footwear designed to enhance your performance and increase your enjoyment of outdoor pursuits.

Industrial Designer Robert Fliri first proposed the idea of FiveFingers footwear to Marco Bramani, grandson of Vibram founder Vitale Bramani, who immediately embraced the concept. Soon, Fliri joined Vibram and began working with a team of footwear professionals and product engineers who helped him to refine and realize his vision. That original concept has evolved into a premium collection of barefoot performance footwear known simply as FiveFingers. Vibram FiveFingers is a radically new paradigm that could only come from a company with our dedication to product innovation, integrity, and genuine performance.

The World’s Biggest Mud Building


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