The World Was a Different Place When “Titanic” Debuted

In 1997 a little movie by the name of Titanic opened and the world was a little bit different than it is today. See how things have changed.

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Landmarks light up blue for autism awareness

On Apr. 2, the autism science and advocacy organization Autism Speaks celebrates World Autism Awareness Day with the launch of its third annual Light It Up Blue (LIUB) campaign, a global initiative to raise funds and increase awareness of autism as a growing public health crisis.

No Exaggeration Here, Scouts Honor

Truly Inventive Public Service Ads

Social advertising is meant to raise public awareness of certain important issues. The advertisements as creative as these are really likely to reach their aim.

Turn Your Bad Day Around

If you are in the middle of one of those days, let us suggest turning to this post to turn your day around.

Amazing Luxurious Restaurant at the Treetop

Amazing Luxurious Restaurant at the Treetop
If you want to leave all your problems far behind and to feel close to nature than the restaurant at the Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand is the right place for you. The tables there are suspended among the trees at the 5m height and the waiters walk along the rope paths between them

What You Expect vs. What You Really Get When Living in a Hotel

The real-life hotel experience is quite different from your expectations while booking in.

Elephant Fights a Pack of Hyenas

Enraged mother elephant defends her baby from attacking hyenas…

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