Events in Pictures

People involved in the procession of Dussehra in the Indian city of Allahabad, painted their faces before the start of festivities. The holiday is held to commemorate the victory of Rama over the demon Ravana, an evil ruler who has stolen his wife of Rama, Sita Devi.

The models represent the public collection by Ukrainian designer Alexey Zalewski on the Ukrainian fashionweek in Kiev.

Тhе Christmas illuminations in the Colombian city of Cali.

A visitor photographs next to the hand-carved wooden figure of a woman with a child of Thai artist Ju Ming at the exhibition «Living World Series Sculpture Exhibition» at the Museum of Art in Beijing.

Children look at gingerbread town, which consists of hundreds of miniature buildings, boats, bridges and other edible buildings. Such a city "built" every year before Christmas. In its preparation involved 10,000 residents of the Norwegian city of Bergen.

Women working West Darfur

Amazing Events in pictures

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This picture was snapped by traveller Nick Kelly who caught the moment when a fish swam in front of a friend - creating the optical illusion a new species of 'fish man' had been discovered. Nick, from Los Angeles, says: "I was travelling around south east Asia and was staying on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. I went snorkelling with a friend and took lots of pictures of the amazing sea life, but this was the best one. I didn't really notice until back on the beach but the fish had completely stolen the shot."

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Russian extreme sports athlete Valery Rozov performs the first ever wingsuit jump from the Ulvetanna, a 2,931-metre high mountain in the Drygalski mountains in east Antarctica. After a 45-second flight Rozov landed with a parachute on the glacier.

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Children of Bhanwarlal Kala Bal Mandir School head to school on a camel-driven school bus in Rajasthan, India.

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A pole showing countries and their distance is seen at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan

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A professional diver wears a Santa Claus suit as he feeds fish inside a giant aquarium as part of celebrationsfor Christmas at Ocean Park in Manila, The Philippines

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jaguar and a caiman battle in the Pantanal region of Brazil. Eventually the big cat defeated the reptile in the vicious encounter, which was captured on camera by French photographer Patrick Fagot.

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The snow-covered peak of Mount Fuji is seen from an aeroplane window

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Santa Claus Larry Durian is screened by TSA agents before entering a secure area of the Akron Canton Airport in Green, Ohio

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Lounging around a watering hole in the afternoon sun, this lioness was surprised by a 10ft tall, four ton bull elephant barging in. Arriving for his afternoon drink, the 15-year-old elephant was unaware of the lioness, who had been taking shelter under a tree. Caught between the water and the rapidly approaching elephant, the lioness had to act fast, for she would be no match for the elephant. She decided to bolt for safety, initially startling the elephant. However, the elephant chased the lioness briefly before he resumed his drink. British wildlife guide Mark Sheridan-Johnson, from Newcastle, captured the interaction during a tour in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania.

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The River Ouse in the centre of York, frozen the first time for almost fifty years, makes it difficult for the geese and swans to find food as the severe weather continues

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A flare is thrown at police during a student protest against the increase in tuition fees, in London

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Cardboard versions of some of the world's most famous landmarks stand in the ocean at the Gaviota Azul beach in Cancun, Mexico

Trip to Nagpur....

Here is a glimpse of the Orange City : Nagpur ...:-))....

For all those who are living outside the city and also for those who have never been to this beautiful place, !!

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