The Planet's Tallest Buildings

As you look at the world’s tallest skyscrapers up to the second tallest it is undoubtedly impressive what humans can achieve. However, the 2,717 foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai blows all previous “tall” buildings out of the water and makes one wonder what humans cannot achieve.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Lincoln Cathedral

One Canada Square
The City of Capitals
Shard London Bridge
Emley Moor
Belmont transmitting station
The Guangzhou West Tower
Kingkey 100
Sears Tower
Zifeng tower

The Petronas Towers

ICC Tower

The Shanghai World Financial Centre (left) and the Jin Mao Tower (right)

East Tower of the Federation Towers

Over 500 metres

Taipei 101

The CN Tower

Abraj Al Bait Towers

The Canton Tower

Burj Khalifa

Tokyo Sky Tree

Burj Khalifa

Flat Out Ugly and Disturbing Animals

Who knew there were so many unattractive animals in the world? I would not recommend taking very many of these animals as pets, or at least not showing them off to too many people. The man made images are not as disturbing, except for the nasty toe shots, yuck!

Mind Your Step!

This huge optical illusion, 18 square meters, is located in Stockholm and Eric Johansson is the man responsible for this “dangerous fracture”.

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