Stewardesses from All Over the World

No matter where you are flying, the stewardesses on the airline always look hot, cute and elegant.

Latvia, Air Baltic

An Unbelievable Transformation

Some people are able to take their normal appearance and turn themselves into someone else completely. Take a look at this unbelievable transformation.

Some people are born with very strange physical conditions that are so rare as to almost never happen. See some interesting animals as well in this eye-opening collection.

Bizarre Human and Animal Conditions

Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Harry Potter Photos

Potter fans will love these behind-the-scenes pictures from all of the films. You will definitely get a different perspective after seeing these insightful photos.

Spooky Looking Trees

There is something very unnerving about these trees. Some are ghostly, some are ghastly, and all of them are creepy. There is just something unnatural about them.

Amazing Lego Star Wars Scene

Lego builders who are also Star Wars fans love to make original scenes from the movie out of Lego. This scene from “Return of the Jedi” is the 30,000-piece Lego model with 388 Star Wars minifigures.

A Roller Coaster Wedding Ceremony

This is a very strange place to have a wedding ceremony. It took place on a roller coaster complete with a preacher and was broadcast live. Let’s hope that the couple doesn’t have a roller coaster marriage.

The Miracle of a Ferris Wheel

In Australia, a Cheetah S200 ultra light plane with two men aboard crashed into a Ferris wheel.  It was a miracle that no one was hurt. The biggest reason that no one was hurt is that the rain had kept many children off of the Ferris wheel.

Crazy Styles From The Alternative Hair Show

The rather alarming Alternative Hair Show was held in Moscow on Wednesday, September 28th 2011, while modern day Marie Antoinettes struted their stuff and presented the wildest hairstyles ever seen. I can’t even imagine occasion at which it would be even remotely possible to pull off look like this. If you expect to see some curls or classic fringes in the images below, you’ll be quite surprised cause the stylists in this show were more “chimney brush” oriented.

Pictures Taken at the Right Moment.

Real photographers always carry their camera with them. They know that the best shots are taken when you don’t plan them.

MadPals PicDump - Part 152

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

The Story of a Youtube Cat

He didn’t see it coming.

The Story of a Youtube Cat

Born Like an Artist

Cool comic strip.

Born Like an Artist

Just Imagine What She Can Do in Bed

Funny Animals - Part - 58

Demotivators Picdump

Hilarious Fail & Win Pics

Daily Gifdump

Your Deadly Desserts

Oakland-based artist Scott Hove has created cake sculptures complete with gaping toothy mouths as part of his upcoming “Your Deadly Desserts” show at Modern Eden in San Francisco, October 8 to November 4.

Smile Smile Smile

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