Iranian Secret Weapon

The squadrons of beautiful yet deadly ninja women perfect their skills in gyms throughout Iran. The state sponsors this invincible army of about 3500 martial artists who train under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports.

MadPals PicDump - Part 287

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Beautiful Tomb Raider Cosplayers

Genuine beauty and a slight flavor of menace. These girls will certainly draw your attention.

Creativity Has No Limits

Huge Weight Loss Success Stories

These images show dramatic before and after photos of people who dropped hundreds of pounds to become a literally new person. If these total body transformations don’t inspire others, nothing will.

Children, So Innocent

We all need kids to remind us of those more innocent times.

Cutlery to Astonish

A set of not always functional, but absolutely impressive pieces of cutlery.

Gay Statistic

Gay Statistic

World’s Most Austere CEO

Despite being the highest-ranking corporate officer, this guy fully neglects luxuries that come with his important position.

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