Fascinating Old Photos of Egypt

Take a look at Egypt before huge amounts of people were flooding its shores to see all of the historic sites. The pyramids look completely different, before they were made into a world famous site seeing destination. Camels abound, which apparently has not changed all that much.

Coastal Cappuccino

Coastal Cappuccino or Cappuccino Coast is a very rare natural phenomenon. According to scientists, this phenomenon is the result of a giant mess of sea salt, algae and all sorts of waste, which are being mixed in the water by strong wind currents. Apparently, the foam is completely harmless and gradually melts away on the shore.

Will Smith's Mobile Home

This is Will Smith's mobile home which is known as The Heat. It has two stories and is fully decked out and is complete with a full kitchen, dining room, sleeping quarters and Will’s personal gym which is in a separate 55-foot trailer that is parked next to The Heat. The mobile home reportedly set Will back a cool $1,800,000.

Beautiful Scotland

One of few industrially intact countries of the world. Incredible natural beaury preserved.

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