CuriOus Suirrel

squirrel's fascination with a statue of a dog has brought hours of light entertainment to a Russian suburb.

The frisky rodent looked confused as to why the dog wasn't moving and cannot seem to get its head around the fact that it is an ornament and not real.

The picture was taken by a photographer in the garden of his house just outside of Moscow.

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Obsession: A red squirrel in a Moscow garden became fascinated with a statue of a dog when it couldn't work out why it did not move like a real animal

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Furry Love: The squirrel eventually became affectionate with the canine ornament and planted it with a kiss

The home-owner said: 'The squirrel became fascinated by the dog; it was climbing all over the statue and seemed to be trying to work out what it was'.

He added: 'At one point the squirrel looked directly into the statue's face as if it was expecting a reaction'.

The squirrel enjoyed jumping all over the dog and going on its hind legs to get a closer look.

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What are you: The photographer who captured the images said the squirrel looked directly into the statue's face as if expecting a reaction

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Fun times: The squirrel enjoyed jumping all over the dog and going on its hind legs to get a closer look

The furry animal even at one point appeared to kiss the statue, leaping from a set of stairs to latch on to dog and pucker up.

With similar looking coats of orange and brown hues, maybe the squirrel felt a deep sense of familiarity with the statue although it was more than five times its size.

Showing off its acrobatic manouevres, the friendly squirrel jumped on his new pal's head and peered into its mouth, looking perilously close as if it was going to fall off at one point.

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Tiring work: Exhausted after lots of acrobatics the squirrel perched on top of the dog to crunch on its nut

The squirrel managed to check out the statue all with a nut in its mouth which he crunched into when he had exhausted his inspection and needed to take a break.

Red squirrels are common throughout Eurasia but its numbers have decreased greatly because of the introduction of the eastern grey squirrel from North America.

They have a life expectancy of 3 years when living in the wild if they survive their first winter.

Dog Fails

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Extremly Realistic Human Drawings

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A TiGer roommate

Florida teen Felicia Frisco has an unusual night-time routine. Each night she climbs into her full-sized bed with a six-month-old Bengal tiger called Will.

Felicia has been sharing her full-sized bed, which has a leopard print duvet, with Will since the day he was born and she plans for them to remain bedfellows until he's a year old.

'I get a lot of hair up my nose and all over my sheets,' said the Tampa teen, who has been caring for Will since his birth.

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Felicia Frisco, 17, has been sharing a bed with tiger cub Will since the day the Bengal was born

'He likes to lick me a lot too,' she added. Will was bred in captivity by Felicia's parents who run an educational project called Tiger Encounter.

'It's kind of like raising a dog,' Felicia told '

'If you raise a tiger, it's normal to you.'

Thanks to her parents' profession, Felicia has been around animals like elephants, horses and an tigers since she was a baby, and doesn't believe people without proper training should be allowed to keep tigers as pets.

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Felicia, who is homeschooled, has fed, walked and cared for the cub since he was born as his mother, a first-time mum, didn't know what to do

'My parents always say that you don't fully trust an animal, even a dog,' she added. 'You need to make sure you're aware of the risks.'

Will isn't even her first tiger bedmate.

Felicia previously slept in her bed with Will's father Daruba, until he turned a year old.

The teen, who is homeschooled, cares for and sleeps with the big cat as he was rejected by his mother, who didn't know what to do when Will, her first cub, was born.

She feeds, walks and plays with Will, and says her bond with him is like that of a mother.

I'm very protective of him and I always want to be around him. He was so small, and watching him get so big, it's kind of like having a child.'

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Will now eats chicken and beef in addition to his bottles. Felicia's parents run Tampa's Tiger Enounter so the teen has been around exotic animals her whole life
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