No One Likes Carrots More Than This Woman

Zizi Howell from California is totally carrot-obsessed. See how the orange vegetables fill almost every part of her life…

Ms. Howell’s obsession started in her youth when she would bring carrots to punk-rock shows. She met her future husband there, after she threw a carrot in his head.

Now the woman has an enormous collection of over 1000 carrot-related items and spends most of her time polishing and arranging them. There are numerous carrot-themed tea-pots, fridge magnets, toys, clothes etc.

The most valuable piece is the carrot dresser which costs $4000 and holds the ashes of Ms. Howell’s mother.

The woman also has 35 carrot tattoos all around her body. Ms. Howell’s desire to “get the most carrots in the world” has even made her be featured on the latest TLC's “My Crazy Obsession” episode.


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