Amazing Children Photos by Achim Lippoth

Lippoth was born in Ilshofen, Germany in 1968 and is currently living in Cologne. In 1985-86, he studied at Byrom College Manchester in Great Britain. In 1986-92, he studied art at University ofCologne. In 1992, he became a freelance photographer based in Germany. In 1995, he established kid’s wear Magazine. He has been a film director with the commercial film production company Markenfilm in Germany since 1998. He mainly photographs children with an innocent depiction of childhood. He represents “diverse facets of childlife: its spontaneity, camaraderie, playfulness, and of course, mischief”. Lippoth focuses on the complexities and contradictions of modern childhood. By using child models to stage scenes from everyday life, he casts normal activities with a complex sub-text, questioning the viewer’s innocence and complicity.

Cats And Water

It’s well known that cats hate water. Here you will see two different cats. One of them loves tosurf, and other love to have a bath. Pretty strange considering that we talk about cats

Beautiful Lakes and Rivers


Easy to Read Your Surroundings

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