Tough Guys 2012

Every year thousands of people participate in the Tough Guy Challenge in England. This year they had to run the 8 mile assault course which involved freezing temperatures, fire and ice. Tough Guy, first staged in 1986, claims to be the world’s most demanding one-day survival ordeal. Inside this post, you’ll see photos of this toughest race in the world.

MadPals PicDump - Part 271

A Daily Dose of Funny & Amazing PicDump

Dancing in the moonlight - Northern Lights over the Arctic

The nightime display could be seen across Scotland, Canada, Norway and even the north-east of England last week after the biggest solar storm in more than six years bombarded the earth with radiation. One flyer caught the natural phenonmenon, called aurora borealis, as it lit up the wings of a transatlantic Air Canda flight. The wings glowed red as green lit up the horizon.

31 Awesome Work lols

Else than work, there are few things which makes us laugh at. Below are few exceptional work lols, have a look.

Makeup Can Really Make a Difference

These ladies underwent some serious makeup sessions to come out looking so beautiful. Amazingly, Photoshop was not used on any of these after photos.

!! Office Annual Party !!


All members of staff - please note that due to Recession , there will only be one drink per Person at this year's Annual Party.

And please bring your own cup!


Australian Weather Calendar 2012

Images from the 2012 Australian Weather Calendar, showcasing a carefully selected portfolio of images representing the diversity of Australia’s highly variable weather and climate. The calendar, now in its 28th year, is published by the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.

Hilarious Animal Photobombs

Pets and wild animals are awesome at photobombing humans and other animals. Take a look!

Life in Bihar

Infamous in the past for its violence and corruption, Bihar is now undergoing drastic change under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Here is a glimpse of what daily life in Bihar look like:

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