Guinness World Records 2011

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Let's look at the most interesting new participants who entered the Guinness Book of Records2010. Pekingese named Puggy, the language of 11.43 cm

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Beer Barrel Saloon - famous for the longest bar in the world, whose length is 123.7 meters

Victor Gomez - a person who has 98% of the body is covered with dark hair

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Sultan Kosen - tallest man in the world, its growth is 246.5 cm

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Longest python in the world, whose name is Fluffy, its length 7.3 meters

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David Adamovich threw for one minute around his partner, 102 knives.

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Andrew gave a 3-minute nose inflated ball 23.

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44-year-old Stephen Parkes from Nottingham, poses with part of her collection of gnomes, which has about 1,061 exhibits.

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11 year old cow, whose growth was only 83 centimeters.

Classbook for Falling in Love

1. for falling out of love

2. because of the silly reasons

3. out of curiosity

4. for killing boredom

5. to take a fancy to ourselves

6. because of fever

7. for our health

8. for dads health

9. because of the UEFA Champions League

10. because godfather is always right

11. instead of mountaineering

12. in order to survive Math

13. for easier waking up

14. for existence of  love poetry

15. for not drown in chocolate

16. because someone is waiting for you to fall in love with him

Photos of the day :)

The traditional village tribal Badu in a hilly area in the mountains Kendeng Bantene, Indonesia. Religion Badu tribe, known as Agama Sunda Vivitan, combines elements of Hinduism, Buddhism and traditional belief, including the various taboos, for example, at nights, do not touch the money, do not take gold or silver, and do not even get a haircut.

Badu woman spins clothes at home in the mountains Kendeng Bantene.

Rakvitts Hartwig and his dog in harness participate in a contest near Hasselfelde in eastern Germany.

Space Shuttle «Endeavour» was launched from Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Fla., with a team of six people on board.

Dancer from the dance academy in Beijing are taking part in a street parade during the Chinese Spring Festival 2010 in Valletta, Malta.

Buddhist monks perform a dance in masks during the Mahakala Puja in a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu.

Bolivian miners dance during carnival in front of the miners in Potosi Grey Rica. Thousands of miners paid tribute to the Tata Kaichev "-" father "of miners, who appears in the image of Jesus Christ - dancing and singing, which lasted two days.

Students in costumes perform at the festival of Caracol in the financial district of Makati in Manila.

Rehearsal of a new theatrical show "1433 - Grand Prize trip, staged a master of American theater by Robert Wilson, in Taipei.

Nice PhOtos

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