Girls in Attractive Costumes

This is a list of photos with some of the most attractive girls in costumes. Wearing costumes can be fun. However, when beautiful girls wear sexy costumes it becomes even more fun. Costumes make girls look more attractive, fun and creative. All guys like creative girls who can give them a good time. There are all kinds of costumes that can bring new and interesting things into your relationship. Here are some of the most amazing costumes for girls. Some of them can be worn on Halloween. Even celebrities like to wear them.

I Think I Can Fly – Li Wei

Li Wei (born 1970, Hubei, China) is a contemporary artist from Beijing. His work often depicts him in apparently gravity-defying situations. Wei started off his performance series ‘Mirroring’ and later on took off attention with his ‘Falls’ series which shows the artist with his head and chest embedded into the ground. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality. Li Wei states that these images are not computer montages and works with the help of props such as mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics.

Frankfurt Auto Show – Awesome Cars – Awesome Girls

The Evolution of the Video Game Controllers

How Rich People Travel

Rich people prefer luxurious ships, wagons and trucks to travel. Their transport modality is very expensive, and the interiors are very cool!

Astrolabe – An Ancient Computer From The Past

They say it’s the oldest computer ever. Well, I wouldn’t actually say computer, but there may be some similarities. I’m talking about the astrolabe. It’s basically an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. It was mainly used to locate and predict the positions of the sun, the moon, planets, and stars. Visually it’s a golden and lovely instrument.

Street Monkeys In Cambodia – Entertainment Or Animal Cruelty?

This is probably one of the most disturbing forms of entertainment for people in Western countries. It’s basically animal cruelty. On the other hand, in countries like Indonesia and India street monkeys are completely normal. Poor citizens dress up little monkeys like dolls and train them to act like humans. The monkeys have a chain around their neck while they are forced to entertain people in the streets.

Awwwww …

Animals Attack People

It doesn’t surprise me that some animals in this selection attack people, it’s normal, they are predators, but some of them, like pandas?!!! I would have never thought

How Not To Be A Jerk At Work

These aren’t for you—clearly you would never commit such office faux pas. But not everyone is as handsome and clever as you. Thankfully the fellows at Division of Labor have done us a solid and made a series of New Rules of Work posters to teach those other fools how to behave in the modern workplace.

Some Idiotic Conversations on Facebook

People will say just about anything when they are in cyberspace. Take, for example, these ridiculous conversations on Facebook. Sometimes people are just plain stupid.

Just Smile Please

Money for karate class

Advertising for Overweight People

It’s high time you started thinking about your appearance. Looks is not everything but obese people should start putting their health first. It’s a well known fact that extreme weight causes heart and many other health problems. Take a look at these commercials if you need some guidance (tips) for leading a healthier and better life.

Funny And Offensive Restaurants’ Names

Who the f**k create these restaurants’ names? Name of the restaurant is used only for advertising, and to suggest what you can get of food to eat. A place like McDonald’s isn’t telling you much – but it’s also not telling you it serves ass pie. There are people out there who could learn some lessons from that, and think again before choosing the name for their restaurant!!

Mother Clucker’s, Iroquois, Ontario

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