Astounding Bodyart

Models painted with animal prints, trying to convey behavior, grace and style of movement of animals. Check how it turned out!

Amazing Wood Carvings

These wood carvings are the work of Sergey Bobkov, who is a secondary school teacher in the village Kozhany of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. His work is so detailed that he even carves the feathers and the fur on his owls.

Our Beautiful Planet

Incredibly beautiful photos made by photographer Nathan Spotts.

Natural Wonders

Natural Sphinx: Situated in one of the national parks of Pakistan, this looks like Great Sphinx of Giza. This is natural one that was sculpted by coastal semi desertal winds for million years.

Rocky Eggs, New zealand.

This Fairy Chimney is situated in Turkey. It appears to have a window overlooking an enchanted land.

Rocky Waves, Australia

Tall islands on Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Devils Tower, USA

lanDmarks photographed in bubbles

He's not your typical tourist - preferring to turn his back on some of the world's most stunning landmarks.

But instead of shunning the attractions completely, Tom Storm actually blows a bubble and then photographs the beautiful swirling venue in its reflection.

It has led to a host of incredible dream-like images of New York's Times Square, a windmill in Copenhagen and the Washington Monument.

Lovely bubbly: Photographer Tom Storm beautifully captures a windmill in Copenhagen, in Denmark, in this dream-like image

World in a bubble: Cloud Gate in Chicago is reflected in this photograph

The Philadelphia photographer developed his technique five years ago while on holiday in Ireland.

He said: 'While roaming around a street fair in Galway I snapped off a few shots of bubbles floating past, and their reflections were huge.

'When I returned home I started looking through what I captured to find this whole world reflected in a single bubble.

'A few months later I was living in Poland and decided to make it a personal mission to try to capture a landmark from every country in the world.

'With the help of a friend, my first deliberate bubble was in Neptune's Fountain in Gdansk.

'Part of the mission is to capture the reflections of major landmarks in different countries around the globe. I have so many plans. I've still have a lot of ground to cover with the project.

Pop art: Times Square in New York gets the bubble treatment from Tom in this picture

Bubbling over: This one of Times Square in New York, was made like the others by blowing bubbles into the air and photographing the reflection on them

Popping out: In this semi self-portrait, Tom also pictures Neptune's Fountain in Gdansk, Poland
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