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Life seems easier once you read one of these.

MadPals PicDump - Part 302

A Daily Dose of Funny and Amazing PicDump

Beautiful Animations

With moving image infinitely looped, these amazing gifs coin a new clip-art genre, merging the expressiveness of still photos with the presence effect of video clips.

Humorous Laundry Tags

Clothing manufacturers are sometimes fond of a joke too.

Beautiful Norwegian Blogger

Emilie, or Voe as she is more commonly known, is a sixteen-year-old blonde blogger from Norway that has created quite a fan base. She writes a lot about fashion, but her looks certainly have something to do with her success.

Webcam Dance Fail

Damn you, curtain!

Knowledge Is Power

Check out these interesting “facts” that will not help you win Trivial Pursuit but could help you garner a few laughs.

The Funniest Kids’ Notes

These short notes were penned by children of various ages and prove that sometimes kids are the funniest ones in the room.

"Thanks, Mom!"


Are You Afraid of Heights?

Andy Turner and Dave MacLeod spent 10 hours to climb to the top of the highest vertical sea cliff in the UK – St John’s Head at the Island of Hoy in Orkney, Scotland, that reaches 1,128 feet (335m).

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