Inspirational Quotes of Famous People.

If you eve feel inspired to pursue your passion, turn to these quotes for their take on bringing out the creativity in all of us.

MadPals PicDump - Part 331

A Daily Dose of Funny and Amazing PicDump

Basic Photography Poses

Whether you are a budding professional photographer or an amateur, these sketches will help you when trying to have your models pose.

This Is Going to Get Complicated

If you are married or in a relationship you know exactly what this guy is going through, hopefully he makes it out okay.

Anime Chicks In Tokyo

They sure love them some anime in Japan, as you will clearly see with these detailed cosplay photos.

Only in China

Sculpture Made out of Books

This sculptor must have considered some books really boring if he thought that this would be a better use for them.

Doing It My Way

These intrepid souls should be applauded for being so anti-establishment, and for making us laugh.

Travel and conservation for WWF

Hiking up a mountain, swimming with jellyfish, or photographing polar bears can be a way to help the planet if you travel responsibly. With WWF’s travel, a portion of your tour costs goes to support global conservation efforts around the world.

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