Caribbean Resort That Looks Like a Paradise on Earth

Jade Mountain resort at the Caribbean island St. Lucia is a breathtaking place, which provides an astonishing view upon mountainous shore and blue ocean waves. There is an infinity pool with stone pillars in every room, so the stunning place merges organically with the scenic landscape around. The price tag ranges from $950 to $2700 per night.

MadPals PicDump - Part 328

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Desolate Bomb Shelter in America

What We See vs. What Politicians See

Poorly Thought Out Product Inventions

Unfortunately, in today’s consumer focused world there is always somebody coming up with a completely unnecessary product that no one will ever use.

Picnic Pants

Ahhh, What Happened to My Computer?

If you want to play a wicked prank on a sibling or friend’s computer follow the steps in this funny trolling graphic.


Wildfire in Rural Areas of Colorado

Hundreds of residents have been evacuated and more are under threat as a wind-driven wildfire scorched a mostly rural area in the mountains southwest of Denver.

Freakish Asian Hairstyles

Some guys in Asia know for sure how to impress the public with their locks. What’s really amazing is how they manage to set their thick and straight Asian hair in such queer and grotesque hairdos.

No One Likes Carrots More Than This Woman

Zizi Howell from California is totally carrot-obsessed. See how the orange vegetables fill almost every part of her life…

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