Is This A Real Painting?

The Art of Cleaning Up

Swiss comedian and artist, Ursus Wehrli is well known for his books about Tidying Up Art. He tidies up famous works of art including Botticelli’s Beach and Van Gogh’s Room by rearranging them carefully. C┬Áheck out some of his work.

Close Ups of Insects in 3D

Steve Gschmeissner, 61, a retired scientist and photographer from Bedford, was able to increase the size of these insects by one million times using a scanning electron microscope. The results are amazing close up 3D photos of these insects.

Dog flea

Common wasp

Wasp head

Soldier turtle ant

Human flea head

Bedbug head

Yellow dung fly head

Jumping Spider head


Tropical caterpillar head

Froghopper head

Honey bee head

Awesome Forced Perspective Photos

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