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Amazing Creative Pencil Sculptures

Amazing` Creative Pencil Sculptures

Artists who create beautiful artworks using pencils can’t surprise us nowadays.

But Dalton Ghetti found a way how to create miniature masterpieces using pencils

He has even simply carved the alphabet on the tips of 26 pencils, making letters come alive.

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makhanchor & his new computer

ishk huaa mendhaki se to mad pals pari kya chiz hai

makhanchor in sequered hand

fotn kitty

makhanchor in sequered hand


Logos, gone terribly wrong!!!

 Want to establish a company???
Be careful how you design your Company Logo…

Kudawara - What kind of pharmacy is this? Meant to be "K"

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Arlington Pediatric Center - Loving the kids a little too much!


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Doughboys - Pizza - Salad - Panini... And something extra???

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Atherton Car Centre


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Dental clinic

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Another dental clinic - This seems to be popular!

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Any idea what this is supposed to be? Can't figure out? Child care centre or what?? But looks otherwise!!

Wedding Inivitation From an Angry Mother-in-Law

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