Invisible man... simpally amazing, must see

This guy paints himself, no kidding, no photoshop, no trick photography.. he just paintshimself... 
Last pic is simply brilliant…..Couldn"t spot him


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Beautiful Chinese Girls


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AMAZING MAZE...!!!!!!!!!!

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Though the exit is certainly the desired destination,
we believe the real fun is in the journey.
Will you accept the challenge of the maze?
This huge 10 acre corn maze is calling your name! The maze is divided into 3 phases. The first phase is for beginners, and those who consider themselves to be directionally challenged! You can exit there, or go on to the 2nd, more difficult phase. If you are up to the challenge, continue through the 3rd, and most difficult phase. There are over 6 miles of twists and turns! Try it by the light of day, or try your luck by the light of the moon. It's a great time for people of all ages! Ideal for youth groups, school groups, church groups, scout groups, or companies that want to emphasize the importance of team work and building relationships in a relaxed, yet challenging atmosphere.

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Hastings, MN

Several weeks ago I read about a corn patch.
This particular corn patch had corn that was nearly 12 feet tall.
A maze had been designed in the corn and its pathways created a life-size puzzle. People were invited to walk into the maze for the purpose of trying
to find their way out.

The maze had many dead ends and false paths. Some of the pathways
would simply wind through the corn patch and eventually circle back.
As I was reading, I noticed that there was an aerial map and
thought how easy it would be to get through by studying the map.

Several weeks later my boys and wife informed me that for family
night they wanted to go through the corn maze.
I agreed and remembered the map I had seen in the newspaper.
Unfortunately, it had already been thrown away.

Off we went anyway, armed with flashlights ready to solve the maze.
My older boys charged off, convinced that they could solve the puzzle
quicker than we could. My wife, two younger boys and I started exploring
the various pathways. As time passed we realized that we were making
slow progress and that our older sons may have been right.
On several occasions we found dead ends and had to return to a previous
starting point. We circled and backtracked.

There were others in the maze; some walking toward us and others
walking with us in the same direction. My youngest son was a little frightened
and began to worry that we would never get out. After offering him words
of reassurance, we ran into our older boys who, ironically, were having
an experience very similar to ours. We stayed together the rest of the evening
and soon learned that following others did not help in solving the maze.
Some people had advice, but you could never be sure if they really knew the way
or if they were simply entertaining themselves with our frustration.
Eventually, after more wandering through the maze, we found our way out.
It was a memorable family evening, but I won't tell you how long
it took us to find our way out! It sure would have been easier if I had kept
and used the aerial map.

As we look at the world today, it is very apparent that we must all wander
through the maze of life and its challenges. Many people, unfortunately,
travel through life without clear goals and objectives. Others have goals
which are clear, but that have nothing to do with God's purpose
for this earthly existence. If the people of the world only had an aerial picture,
map or plan to help solve this puzzle of life.

As members of the church, we have been provided with the knowledge
and instructions that allow us to do just that. Like using an aerial photo
to solve the maze, we are able to use this knowledge to avoid many
of the dead ends and detours that create so much pain and grief in the world.
It is unfortunate when we fail to follow the maps we've been provided.
If we will only follow the instructions, we will arrive at our objective of
returning with our families to the presence of God and Jesus Christ.

Are we using the Lord's map for a successful life?
When we decide to follow other goals,
we are only getting lost in the maze.

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World's No.1 Sexiest Pole Dancer *!!

Pole dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dancing and Gymnastic. It involves dancing sensually with a vertical pole and is often used in strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs. Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise.

Hence, here is an opportunity to see the most Amazing Pole Dance performed by world's SEXIEST Woman.

Scroll Down & Have a Look!
After all Seeing is Believing!!

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oh!..oh!..oh!..Dont Scroll Fast!

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Pause & take a Breath now

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