The Cambrian Alpine Retreat

Adelboden, Switzerland

While discerning Swiss skiers have been coming to Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland for years, its tucked-away location, at the very end of a mountain road just under three hours by train and then bus from Zurich, has kept it off the radar for most. Two valleys over from Gstaad, Adelboden offers an infinitely more authentic slice of Alpine living. It’s the sort of place where the same men who herd their cattle in the summer run the ski-lifts in the winter. The 71-room Cambrian, a haven of low lighting, loungy sofas, beautiful rugs and open fires, is huddled amid classic Swiss chalets in the centre of the village. It melds stylish, modern design with earthy local materials, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the valley. Highlights include the Just Pure Spa, which uses natural Alpine ingredients in its treatments and has both indoor and outdoor heated pools; the Winter Garden – a cool, cosy drawing-room with spectacular views, ideal for hot chocolate; and for cocktails, Scott’s, which has an ice bar during the winter months. There are also five ski fields catering to all levels of experience on your doorstep. 

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Penguins in antarctica and sOuth geOrgia

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Wildlife photographer Nick Garbutt from Cumbria travelled to the UK's most remote colony, South Georgia in the sub-Antarctic region, to witness a colossal colony of over a quarter of a million king penguins

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The images, taken in the natural harbour of Salisbury Plain, show parent penguins frequently trooping to the shore and back to feed their hungry offspring

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The collection shows the tame penguins marching directly towards the camera looking both puzzled and curious, but totally unafraid of the stranger in their midst

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King penguin breeding colony on the beach at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia. Salisbury Plain is the second largest colony on the islands, with over 250,000 birds in total

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The king penguins are also intimate with each other, and greet each other by rubbing their stomachs together and arching their beautiful gold crested necks

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One pair put on a spectacular courtship display - almost creating a mirror image of each other
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A king penguin chick, South Georgia

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King penguin breeding colony at Gold Harbour, South Georgia

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South Georgia is a British dependent island administered from the Falklands

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A close up of a king penguin

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Nick took a three week voyage on a ship called the Vavilov. He sailed from Ushuaia in Argentina's Tierra del Fuego, to the Falklands and from there to the remote island of South Georgia. The voyage also took him to the Yalour Islands and Peterman Island off the Antarctic Peninsula

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Gentoo penguins on Peterman Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Brilliant optical illusiOns

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. They can also be known as “mind games” Here I have compiled a collection ofBrilliant Optical Illusions to test your skills.

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